TVH was attacked by hackers



Since last week, the TVH website, its primary sales platform, has been out of action, initially telling visitors it was “experiencing problems accepting, processing and sending orders via its web platform”.

The Belgian company has since confirmed that the cyber attack was more severe than initially reported, with the hackers accessing the company’s data.

The latest update indicates that TVH teams are still investigating the cyber attack, “but so far, we have not found any indication that data is public”.

“We are informing relevant authorities of this attack.

“We are very serious about the confidentiality of our employees’ and our business partners’ data, and we understand that this might be of concern to you,” the company explains on LinkedIn.

“The third-party cyber forensic experts continue to thoroughly investigate this attack and we will update you when we have further insight.”

TVH is reassuring customers that it does not appear as if “other connected networks were affected by this attack”.

“We continue to work hard on the recovery of our systems to be operational as soon as possible. We're also taking, in the meantime, many preventive measures to reinforce our IT environment to the maximum,” the statement adds.